Original Cold Coffee | 250 ml Can

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Dive into our kickass classic cold brew! It's not just coffee; it's a wild ride of 100% badass dark roast Arabica beans. Creamy, dreamy, and packing a punch with vanillin vibes. This ain't your grandma's coffee - it's a no-nasties zone! No fake flavors, no preservative junk, and definitely no funky colors. It's the real deal – 100% legit Arabica, blended with real milk for that extra oomph. Brace yourself for a wild, strong, and untamed coffee experience. No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavours, No Artificial Colors – just damn good coffee vibes in a can.


    • No Added Preservatives

      Pure indulgence, free from preservatives

    • No Artificial Flavours

      True taste, untainted by artificial flavours

    • No Artificial Colours

      Vibrant flavours, naturally free from artificial colours