Sweet Kaaram Coffee: How your favorite characters would like their coffee?

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Sweet Kaaram Coffee is a heartwarming story of three women from different generations going on a trip to explore their lives in a never-before manner. The adventure helps them to realize that how life is a series of sweet and bitter experiences.

In Sweet Kaaram Coffee, we meet grandmother Sundari played by Lakshmi, mother Kaveri (Madhoo), and daughter Nivedita (Santhy Balachandran). While Sundari is on the road to re-connect with a loved one she lost long ago, Kaveri is an earnest, submissive wife, often taken for granted by everybody, yearns for love and validation in her role as a mother.

Nivi, a cricketer, is running away from her boyfriend (Karthik), who is also a cricketer, and wants her to quit playing after marriage. Burdened with their problems and in quest for freedom, the three embark on an impromptu road trip without informing the two men of the family. It is an alluring amalgamation of these women's desires, insecurities, passion, inhibitions, and love. All the characters are deftly crafted and offer a slice of life. Their love for travel and other finer things gives goals to viewers.

Each character on this show is complex- like we all are. Yet, they warm our hearts with their distinctive traits just like coffee that warms our soul with its unique taste. So what if these characters halted at a stopover for a coffee? Here’s what we think they would pick for themselves as per their quirks.

Sundari is a free-spirited grandmother who is beyond caring for social subtleties. She wants to go out and live an independent life. She is open, unconventional, and fearless, so Classic Original Cold Coffee would be a perfect coffee choice for her, specially created out of premium 100 % dark roast Arabica coffee beans. With a rich and creamy texture with top notes of vanillin, is a delectable gourmet blend and of course with no nasties- no artificial flavors, no preservatives, and no added colors.

sweet-kaaram-coffeeA poster of Sweet Kaaram Coffee starring Santhu Balachandran, Lakshmi and Madhoo | IMDb

Kaveri mulls over her past where she could have been more than what she settled for. She is that good woman in the family, who does anything to keep them intact. But as the trip progresses, her character transforms the most and she comes into her authentic self. To match her newfound authenticity and confidence, Iced Filter Coffee from one of the best South Indian coffee estates in the little town of Kumbakonam will make a perfect sip for her. The concoction is based on overnight brewed dark-roasted coffee beans and chicory. It has a full-bodied texture and nutty aroma blended with rich and creamy milk.   Nivi is a cricketer with a fair share of insecurities and a sportsman boyfriend who is uncomfortable with her career choice. She is a compelling mix of sensitivity and ambivalence. She is an emotional person who lives inside her head. She deeply feels the joy that playing cricket brings her and looks believable as a sportswoman. Guilt Free Cold Coffee would be the perfect coffee to match her taste and personality, Guilt-free version of Original cold coffee with no added sugar, specially crafted out of the world's best Authentic Arabica coffee beans. It has a rich and creamy texture blended with intense strong coffee.

Next time when you enjoy this series don’t forget to pick your favorite coffee from REGEN by Food Strong. They are source of clean energy and contains no nasties like preservatives or artificial flavours and colours. Also, they are sweetened with Raw cane sugar. Shop Now!

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